India has faced a lot of unbearable phases this year due to COVID-19. But in the current situation, vaccination is going on in the country. Post-vaccination, the cases of Covid in the country are decreasing and the safety of those who are vaccinated is being ensured. It is known that according to the data, about 167 crore first doses have been completed so far. Several ministers and policy advisers say India will have "all eligible" vaccinations by December. Not sure yet whether the statement is for adults only or for everyone.

Millions of lives are saved every year in the world through vaccines. Vaccines strengthen the body by making antibodies and combat targeted viruses and bacteria. After getting vaccinated, if the body comes into contact with any germ, virus or bacteria again, it has the ability to prevent disease by destroying them.

According to reports, 30 lakh doses were given every day in India last week. It is estimated that it will take 256 days or more than 8 months to complete the vaccination of targeted adults. Experts believe that in India about 100 lakh doses can be given in a day, if we do not face shortage of dosage. At present, about 25-30 crore vaccines are being supplied every month.

On 5th April, 45 lakh doses were given in a day in India. But after that there was a decrease in the speed which went up to 20-30 lakh doses per day. When immunization was allowed for adults, reports thereafter of low doses being given in May which amounted to just 6 crores. In April this number was seen to be around 7.7 crore. Based on the health ministry, there were 8 crore doses in May and promised to provide 12 crore doses in June. This was for all, centre, state and private hospitals.

Ms. Rao says “Vaccine makers are changing supply estimates every month and because they are differently priced and States are procuring on their own, it hampers distribution.” The makers of Covaxin, Bharat Biotech, state that it takes four months for the batch of vaccines to be ready for supply.

We are all aware of the need and impact of vaccines in the current scenario. Vaccines can make a big difference in terms of safety. But it is important to take precautionary measures even after the vaccine. After getting vaccinated, it is necessary to follow the guidelines mentioned earlier because research is still going on, how much and how long vaccines can protect us from disease. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt all the safety measures. WHO also urged nations to vaccinate citizens by following guidelines and safety measures. We all expect a ray of hope through this vaccine on the globe. But it is possible only if we follow all the rules and regulations. It's significant to be safe but also look around, is your surroundings too? Help others too for seeing the new world coming out from fortunes. Get vaccinated and stay safe. Keep looking for updates

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