Chatbots are “The Next Big Thing”. Human hopes are high, bright-eyed and blushy-tailed as the industry is ready for the new era of innovation. With the ability to help companies boom and levitate customer experience, the potential of intelligent chatbot is enormous. How information about products and services are delivered and consumed in today’s market, Companies are driving towards chatbot development.

However, designing and development of conversational chatbot need an implementation of the industry’s best practices in terms of user experience. These experiences can be real-life conversations, tackling unexpected situations, tricky questions, and other situations.

Understanding Chatbots Development Insights

Tech Stack

Understanding the technology stack behind chat development is important. You need to understand what works best for your user, whether it’s a chat, voice, web or messenger. Your first question before chatbot development should be “Where are your users?” This would help you to decide the platform for your users till the end interaction with the bots.

  • Telegram, Kiko, Line, Facebook Messenger: These platforms are for large audiences.
  • Slack: Good for startups and developers.
  • Cortana, Google Assistance, Siri and Amazon Echo: Ideal for voice-enabled services.

Pros and Cons of Native v/s Hybrid App

As discussed earlier, both native and hybrid approach to mobile app development have their own pros and cons. This is crucial for all companies before deciding to enter into the mobile market.

Chatbot Best Practices

Simplicity: When we talk about technology advancement, it means easing the life of humans. People want easier and simple chat UI than complexity on clicking and tapping on a website or app. Keep it simple!

Optimize for end-user experience: Bots are to enhance user-experience than making life easy for customer support teams. From a business perspective, bots help run things smoother but it should not replace humans, rather they should attempt to accentuate the strength of human beings. Focus on the conversation flow: The most important factor of chatbot development is to make the conversation flow as natural and seamless as possible. Though human interaction is still comparatively concise, work is going on to improve bot experience.

A Caveat Before Jumping to Bot Bandwagon

Don’t just jump on the bot bandwagon because it’s latest technology trend and other companies have moved to chatbot development. Like the saying, “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”, switching from a visual to a text-based interface might bring unnecessary chaos.

It is important to adapt the technology along with an alternative. Compare both the technologies and see what is more effective for your business and customer experience.

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